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全球有1/10人口正深受神經痛 (Neuropathic pain) 所苦。 神經痛是一群中度~重度的疼痛,一般止痛藥無效。有些嗎啡類藥物對神經痛有效,但成癮與便秘等嚴重副作用讓病人卻步。有些神經痛嗎啡亦無效,因此常令病人痛不欲生。由於神經痛的形成機制仍不清楚,故尚無有效的治療葯物。多年來我們致力於研究神經痛形成的分子機制,豐碩成果已陸續發表於國際一流期刊。同時我們也開發治療神經痛的新藥,申請專利,並與生技藥廠合作,以期造福人類。

本實驗室以鉀離子通道(potassium channels,是降低神經興奮性的關鍵元素)為研究主題。我們發現鉀離子通道大量表現於疼痛傳導的路徑上,當其表現量減少,疼痛就產生。從基因到動物行為,我們正在開發作用於鉀離子通道及其調控因子的新藥來治療神經痛。這是一個尚未被開發的新領域,值得大家一起來挖寶。

1.Development of novel drugs for neuropathic pain

2.The mechanisms of drugs for chronic pain

3.Roles of K+ channels and their modulatory proteins in nervous system

Neuropathic pain is a type of moderate to severe chronic pain resulted from nerve injury or disorder. Neuropathic pain affects 7-10% of global population, but less than half of patients report satisfactory pain relief. In addition, current available drugs have serious unwanted side effects, such sleepiness from calcium channel blockers and physical dependence from opioids. K+ channels, which act to reduce the activity of pain-sensing neurons, have been suggested to be novel drug targets for neuropathic pain. Using neuropathic pain animal models, my lab analyzes the expression and function of several K+ channels and their modulatory proteins in pain-related neurons located in the dorsal root ganglion (DRG), dorsal spinal cord and brain, from molecular/cellular to behavioral levels. Besides elucidating the mechanisms of available drugs for chronic pain, we are developing novel drugs for neuropathic pain. We are also interested in elucidating the roles of K+ channels in the developing nervous system.

Selective expression of Kv4.3 in IB4(+) nociceptors 

Kv4 channels in spinal dorsal horn neurons


Mirror-image pain       Intrathecal cannulation  



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